Our Spring Fling Virtual Event will feature a beginner focused weekend and an advanced focused weekend full of stitching fun!

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday will each have a 2 hour lesson
  • Taught by professionals
  • A free digital pattern
  • A digital swag bag full of goodies
  • The option to upgrade your ticket to VIP with even more goodies and a "Stitch and Chat" with Lizzy after the class. (ONLY 30 TICKETS AVAILABLE PER WEEKEND!)
  • and a Classes Only option (no goodies)

Scroll down to see what else is included in your ticket!



During each of the Spring Fling weekends, you’ll not only be immersed in all the stitching your hands could desire, you'll also have a whole bunch more of Stitch People style benefits. Choose any of the ticket options below and you’ll be able to join in on:

  • A dedicated chat room where you can meet others in the community, ask questions, comment on what’s happening in class, or simply shoot the shiz with your fellow stitchers
  • A unique opportunity to ask the presenters specific questions you’ve always wanted to know but can never find the answers to through endless google searches.
  • Get to know yourself and other attendees through our signature interactive games
  • Exclusive giveaways with coveted prizes to up your stitching game to expert level
  • For the first time in one of our virtual events - our VIP ticket holders will receive a physical goodie bag filled with stitching treats and...well...just some things we thought were fun. These goodie bags come in a specially designed tote you’ll be able to keep forever!
  • For our VIP ticket holders there will be a special "Stitch and Chat" with Lizzy and Spencer after the classes!


We know everyone is starting their stitching journey from different places. Whether you’re a Master of Stitchville or new to a needle and thread, there’s a class with you in mind.

Each plan and level is led by professional stitchers who have years of experience in cross-stitch. You can't go wrong!

May 14-16 from 4-7:00 pm MST.

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Taught by Lizzy with beginners in mind
  • Free pattern download
  • Digital swag bag full of goodies



May 21-23 from 4-7:00 pm MST.

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday class
  • Taught by professionals for advanced stitchers
  • Free pattern download
  • Digital swag bag full of goodies



This option is for those who wish to take the beginner and the advanced weekend classes.

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Taught by professionals
  • 2 Free pattern downloads
  • Digital swag bag full of goodies




No frills, no swag, no problem.

If you only want to join us just for the classes, that's ok because we are happy just to have you with us!

Beginner Classes Only:

Here's what you'll get:

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Taught by professionals with beginners in mind.



Advanced Classes Only:

Here's what you'll get:

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Taught by professionals with advanced stitchers in mind.


Both Weekends - Classes Only:
Beginner and the advanced classes only weekends.

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Taught by professionals


Meet The Beginner Weekend Instructor


May 14-16
Lizzy is the founder, owner, and principal designer at Stitch People. She operates Stitch People from her home, along with her husband, Spencer, and three dogs, while pursuing her dream of being a full-time actor. As a jack of all trades, in her spare time she enjoys tackling home and RV renovation projects, weight lifting, exploring spirituality, and volunteering at the local Humane Society.

Beginners guide to Florals, Real Hair and Backgrounds with Lizzy

Learn from the expert in all things Stitch People, Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean! Over 3 days Lizzy will be teaching us the basics for adding sweet floral embellishments to your portrait, how to capture realistic hair styles and simple backgrounds for adding personality and story to your work. There's no  need to feel intimidated anymore by these "advanced" techniques because Lizzy will be teaching each of the classes with the beginner fully in mind. Even if this will be your first Stitch People portrait, you'll be able to add these exciting new embellishments to your piece.

Join Lizzy during the Stitch People Spring Fling Beginners Weekend on May 14th to 16th, 4pm MST

  • Buying a VIP Ticket for the beginner and/or advanced class includes a unique experience to "Stitch and Chat" with Lizzy after class!


Friday, May 21 with...

Carole Ricco is originally a Philly girl. Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia where she and her husband raised their two children (now grown with families of their own). They spent summers down the shore at their summer home and 5 years ago moved to the Ocean City, NJ area. When Carole was a young girl, both of her Nanas taught her how to cross stitch. Many years have passed since then and now she is a Nana herself to two beautiful grandchildren. In 2017 she picked up the needle again and discovered and purchased her first Stitch People Book. And so began A Lil’ Stitchin’ by Carole.

Saturday, May 22 with...

Betsy Wynegar has been cross stitching since childhood, when she picked up a scrap of her mother’s aida cloth and thread and stitched “Merry Christam” into a makeshift ornament that still hangs on her mother’s tree. Yup, she has a misspelled ornament on her tree every year to keep her humble. She spent her free time in college cross stitching from kits before enrolling in cosmetology school and working as a color and texture specialist before becoming a SAHM. Betsy was introduced to Stitch People by Pinterest in early 2015 and has been stitching portraits nonstop since as Little Thistles Cross Stitch. She lives in Southwest Washington with her husband and two young sons.

Sunday, May 23 with...

Hello! I’m Heather, the maker behind @MunnsMade. I was born, raised and currently live in Northern Utah with my husband and our three kids. I found Stitch People around Christmas of 2018. I made a few gifts for family and friends and fell in love with these little stitched people. Shortly after that I had a friend ask if I could embroider something to hang in her daughters room. She sent me a photo of the floral sheets they were going to use and I drew up my first pattern to mimic them. I watched a bunch of different YouTube videos to learn how to make my pattern into thread art! It has only been onward and upward since then. I absolutely love stitching flowers!! I can’t wait to share this knowledge with my fellow stitch portrait creators.

What Carole will teach us...

Building Advanced Backgrounds and Layouts with Carole Ricco

Carole Ricco is the master of fun and eye-catching backgrounds. With just a few well chosen elements, Carole is able to tell an intricate story in each of the Stitch People portraits she makes.

In 2 hours, Carole will teach us how to choose patterns and put them together to create incredible scenes for your portraits. How do you choose what to add? How do you decide where to place it? What's the process for putting it all together? We’ll learn all this and more PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to ask Carole questions directly to discover her secrets for some of her most loved backgrounds.

Join Carole Ricco during the Advanced weekend on May 21st at 4pm MST

What Betsy will teach us...

Making Creative and Realistic Hair Techniques with Betsy Wynegar

If you’ve been following Stitch People for a while, you’ll be very familiar with how amazing Betsy Wyengar’s hair techniques are. Lucky for you, she’s agreed to present at the Stitch People Spring Fling and teach you exactly how she makes her uber realistic 3D hairstyles. These techniques can be applied to your canvas to create long flowing locks, full beardy beards or even Fido’s fluffy fur! But that’s not all she has planned. Betsy will also be talking to us about color theory and how to match embroidery floss colors to actual hair colors, something that can be the bane of many Stitch People stitching enthusiasts!

You can join Betsy during the Advanced Weekend of the Stitch People Spring Fling on May 22nd at 4pm MST!

What Heather will teach us...

Start Adding Beautiful Florals and Greenery with Heather Munns

Heather Munns’ famous stitch-a-longs have been teaching stitchers how to create florals and greenery for some time. Now, Heather will be bringing all those lessons together to teach us all the tricks and tips for adding beautiful floral embellishments to our Stitch People portraits.

Heather will go through everything you’ve ever wanted to know from the best tools, how to draw on Aida, all the way to choosing the right colors for your project. We’ll also be able to stitch alongside Heather as she show’s us some of her favorite floral techniques to use, so make sure you bring that needle and thread!

You can join Heather during the Advanced Weekend of the Stitch People Spring Fling on May 23rd 4pm MST!

So what do you say? Will you be our date to the Spring Fling?

Thank you to our sponsors!


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