Have questions about the Stitch People Floral Motifs book or videos? See if your questions are answered here! If not, drop us a line at info@stitchpeople.com

When will the Floral Motifs book ship?

We anticipate the Floral Motifs book will be printed and ready to start shipping the beginning of September! The book is currently being printed and spiral-bound at our local printer, and from there they’ll be delivered to our warehouse. Once they’re at the warehouse, they’ll start shipping! We’ll keep you updated on the process and timeline via email.

When will the digital version be available to download?

The digital version (PDF) of the Floral Motifs book will be available in your downloads area the same day we start shipping the physical books. We’ll keep you updated via email throughout the process!

Why is it called Vol. 1? Will there be more?

Yes! We’re planning on releasing future volumes of floral motifs (so, completely new and different combinations of flowers and stitches!) This will be the first of a series!

What’s included in the video course option?

The video course option for the Floral Motifs book will grant you access to a series of videos that will show you how to complete each of the motifs included in the book. So if you’re feeling hesitant about your level of embroidery skill - never fear! The videos will show you, step-by-step, how to complete each motif so all you’ll need to do is follow along!

How many Motifs are included in the book?

Technically, there are 30 motifs included in the book! That’s a lot of flowers! 14 motifs are fully fleshed out for you to use as-is on your portraits. The other 16 motifs are presented as  left-side/right-side options, where one floral (or greenery) embellishment is shown but the left side of the motif is more basic, and the right side is slightly more elaborate so you can choose your own level of difficulty and see how very slight additions and changes can change the look of a floral embellishment to seem much more complicated than it actually is!

Will there be color palettes? 

You bet! We’ll provide DMC color guidelines for each of the examples stitched, as well as additional color palettes you can directly use for your florals. Hopefully the color palettes will inspire yourself to create your own, too!

OMG!!!! Is Stitch People reading my mind??

You bet we are! Or, rather, we’re simply listening to you. We really pay attention to customer feedback, and have heard resounding requests for floral motifs!

Why would I want this book?

If you want to take your Stitch People portraits to the next level, this book is for you. Florals are a great way to add color, flair, and personalization to any portrait. Floral motifs can be used in lieu of or in addition to text, backgrounds, accessory elements - you name it! 

Another reason you might want this book is to give some basic embroidery stitches a go! If you’re an avid cross-stitcher and are feeling trepidation about moving into the greater world of embroidery, this book provides some very basic stitches you can utilize in many different ways to create gorgeous florals for your portraits. It’s the perfect way to ease you into embroidery!

What’s the difference between this and the Embellishments book also available at stitchpeople.com?

The Stitch People Embellishments book is perfect if you want to focus on cross-stitched embellishments for your Stitch People projects. The Floral Motif book guides you through how to embroider different types of floral embellishments. There's no reason you couldn't use both resources to create a spectacular portrait!